Western digital format my book 8tb disassembly

First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the mesh away from the cover do not try to lift the cover up, you will just break things. Wd my book 2tb shows up in device manager but doesnt open. It secures the files with a password and prevents unauthorized users from accessing them. Designed to meet wd s demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and longterm reliability, we back up pun intended. Hey there wacoachrusso, if the drive works fine on another system then i wouldnt think the problem is with the drive. Our comments box is a great way for you to view other peoples feedback about products on, and add your own. The 8tb capacity easily accommodates the largest files and the built in 256 bit aes hardware encryption keeps your data safe from unauthorized users. For mac computers, go to the apple menu and select software update. Secure your precious memories on my book desktop storage. Performance benchmarks western digital my book 8tb and.

Western digital my book duo wdbfbe0160jbknesn 16tb usb 3. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Read speeds up to 2000mbs to decrease load times and get you into the game faster. Western digital my book live user manual pdf download. The question is whether my book live will work after it as a common external or network hdd under windows. Installing, partitioning, and formatting the drive how to answer id partition, and format a wd drive on windows 7, vista, xp, 2000 and mac os x 3865 reformat from mac gpt to windows xp ntfs 3645 reformat the drive from. The new wd my book is both smaller and uses very different design than the older model, as it now sports angled corners compared to the rounded front panel used before. I got this thing apart and put a 3tb drive in there.

Oct 15, 2015 is there any possibility to reformat wd my book live exact model. Seagate stgy8000400 desktop 8tb external hard drive hdd usb 3. Wd quality inside and out we understand the importance of your data. Smaller, sleeker and more elegant than previous my book external hard drives, the my book essential hard drive takes up minimal space on your desk. Wd my book fall 2016 disassembly with card, without broken tabs. Wd red 8tb nas hard disk drive 5400 rpm class sata 6gbs 128mb cache 3. Equipped with wd backup software for windows and apple time machine compatibility for mac, the my book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos. How to disassemble a western digital my book essential external hard drive.

In addition to simplifying the backup process for both windows and mac computers, this hard drive features 256bit aes hardware encryption to ensure stored files remain secure. For windows computers, go to the start menu and select windows update. Jan 26, 2017 looks like all new external wd drives have the controller board soldered onto the hd itself, and it is a usb connection, and there is no sata port at all. Western digital my book troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. As you can see, from here you can use a screwdriver and finish the removal. The user manual is on the my book drive in \user manuals\eng\usermanual. Actual selling price of wd red 8tb hard drive model wd80efax encased inside easystore usb 3.

My book external hard drive ultrafast backup and storage. You simply have to work your way around both sides of the my book cover and then the cover will slide off. I have looked but there is no tab or switch on the usb drive to unlock or disable the write protect. Enter the activation code you generated on your my book lives dashboard see adding a mobile device connection on page 97 and tap the activate button. I had a failing wd mybook external hard drive, but instead of just throwing away the whole thing, i simply replaced the hard drive that resides. Store thousands of files and documents on this western digital my book external hard drive.

This western digital my book hard drive offers builtin 256bit hardware encryption and optional password protection for peace of mind. My book essential user manual about your wd drive 1 about your wd drive welcome to your my book essential external hard drive, an elegant, highcapacity storage solution for all the chapters of your di gital life. The my book duo drive has massive capacity for storing photos, videos, documents and music. This is a dead no longer functioning western digital mybook usb external hard disk drive. There are many versions of the wd my book, and many revision of each version as well. How to disassemble a western digital my book essential external. This western digital my book external hard drive offers easy plug and play installation and includes wd backup software which makes it easy to back up. I had to first format the drive in my computer, but its working great now. A usb typec port with all cables included makes it universally compatible supports. Store files securely with this 4tb western digital my book hard drive.

Western digital 3tb my book desktop external hard drive. Is there any possibility to reformat wd my book live exact model. Western digitals my book range are powerful external hds that take up more space than its competitors, but offer a lot more storage for a decent price. Western digital my book opening the case removing the. I cut the vcc lead pin 8 from the eeprom, and the device detects as usb mass storage device vid 04d9 pid 20 rev 0103 and disables the goofy 4k sector translation mode as well, so regularly written 512e drives 2tb actually read correctly. The 8tb my book external hard drive from western digital duration.

Wd my book hw recognized by cpu, could manually copy files, but unable to do full backup. That pretty much means there is no good way to recover data if the usb controller. My book 8tb exfat formatting question external drives for. Jan 23, 2012 at the beginning of this month western digital announced the my book live duo, a two bay version of their popular my book live.

Equipped with social media and cloud storage import, password protection and perfectly paired with wd backup or time machine, my book desktop storage helps keep your files safe. Western digital my book 8tb and my passport 4tb external. How to shuck remove the wd red drive from a western digital. Good afternoon, i want to use the the quick format tool to clean my my book drive. I would recommend testing the drive on a pc that recognizes it with wd data lifeguard diagnostic tool and see if the drive passes both the quick and the extended tests. I have a question about formatting drives for maximum compatibility between a macbook pro and 2 pcs one running vista 64 bit and the other running windows 7. Jan 12, 2009 how to open the western digital my book 500gb the disassambling itself its not one of the most easy in the world, and it will make you say diverse 4letter words against the projects engeneers and their mothers but you can do it with 3 screwdrivers, one flat and two crossed, one of normal size and the second really. Available in various editions from essential, to premium to world edition. Disassembling a western digital my book instructables. The mybook is an older hard drive, so i wanted to back up the files from it with the newer wd. Western digital my book duo wdbfbe0160jbknesn 16tb usb.

You store your vital data in the wd my book hard drive, if you encountered the data loss, you. To remove the cover of the my book, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Using the my book icon right or controlclick the my book icon on the desktop and click eject my book where my book is the name you assigned to the volume when you reformatted the drive for use on a mac computer. Wdbfjk0060hbk04 default wd my book 1230 vid 0158 pid 1230 rev 1065. I am going to replace the drive with an identical spare that works. I can hear and feel a loud and very annoying low pitched vibration from this 8tb wd my book drive as it sits vertically on my desk. Seagate is also doing this from what i have been seeing. Wd my book fall 2016 disassembly with card, without broken. Its 5 gbps data transfer rate enables fast copying of files, and its automatic backup software can be set to fit any schedule. Your my book duo device drives are pref ormatted as a single ntfs partition for compatibility with all supported windows operating systems.

This 30 day period starts on the date of your first telephone contact with wd technical support. Western digital my book 8tb and my passport 4tb external hdds. I used this drive as a backup storage so it is not on all the time. Wd my book fall 2016 disassembly with card, without. Before updating to the latest firmware, it is recommended that youve installed the latest updates and service pack on your computer. Instructions to disassemble a western digital mybook essentials usb external hard disk drive. Which wd disks have hardware encryption and can that be. Wd black 6tb performance desktop hard disk drive 7200 rpm sata 6gbs 128mb cache 3. Your my book drive is formatted as a single exfat partition for compatibility with all updated. Our latest edition features visual, easytouse, automatic, continuous backup software and drive lock security protection. My book desktop storage has massive storage capacity so you can confidently back up the files that make up your digital life. How to open a western digital usb my book 4tb 6tb 8tb and 10tb.

I unplugged it from my old pc, gave the old pc to a family member, and then plugged the hard drive into my new pc. Is it possible to change hdd for 4 gb wd red ifixit. If you set the security password on the drive, you will be prompted for it if you connect the drive to a different computer. Tips for getting started with the wd my book backup drive. The only solution is formatting the drive but that would mean losing everything. Western digital my book shucking guide get cheaper hard.

Slowly work around the clips, while opening the back, otherwise you risk breaking these. Using the western digital my book hard drive facilitates our lifes, you can take your favourite media data or any important files to anywhere when you need them. Designed to meet wds demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and longterm reliability, we back up pun intended. I have tried formatting the my book drive using file explorer, but it tells me the drive is write protected. The gtechnology gdrive with thunderbolt 8tb betters the my book 8tb consistently even over the. How to disassemble a wd mybook essential hdd snapguide. May 24, 2017 the mammoth 8tb capacity on the wd 8tb my book is the largest i have seen to date of this size in terms of dimension, as it measures only 170mm by 140mm.

It comes with all the software you need to help protect your data, including wd backup and wd security software and is compatible with apple time machine. I recently purchased a 8tb my book single drive to take the load off of my. Mac compatible, may require reformatting before use. How to recover files from wd my book external hard drive. Then i went through proper setting via playstation website super easy and let the ps4 pro format the drive to work.

It should delete an internal operating system on the drive as well. This confusion extends to even different models within the same wd elements and my book lines. A simple video explaining how to open a usb western digital wd 4tb 6tb 8tb and 10tb models, new model, just with a screwdriver. My book 8tb exfat formatting question wd community. My book drive, with the wd backup, wd drive utilities, and wd security. How to open a western digital usb my book 4tb 6tb 8tb. I also used razor blades, but they can be replaced or omitted if you would like to do it differently. I received my 10tb mybook today, sadly it is not a red and seems to be a new model of drive mine was manufactured on 28 mar also while i am not particularly familiar with the 3. A series of gigabit nas desktop drives of 1tb, 2tb, and 3tb varieties, made by wd in 2010.

Buy wd 8tb my book desktop external hard drive, usb 3. The design of the hard drive is also great, and installation took less than 10 minutes. The reason that i have five is because they are solid drives at an outstanding price. Switch to raid1 configuration for redundancy and to mirror data on the wd red drives inside. Raid0 mode provides superfast performance with up to 360mbs2 sequential read speeds using the usb typec port. Feb 14, 2015 forum forum my book world edition white light replace 1tb for 2tb or 4tb. This is a result of a faulty drive that turn itself to a raw format. Wd service and support your product includes 30 days of free telephone support during the warranty period. If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. My book essential edition user manual about your wd drive 3 about your wd drive drive format this wd device is preformatted as a single fat32 partition for compatibility with all updated windows and macintosh operating systems.

The my book drive is trusted desktop storage designed to complement your personal style with a massive amount of space to store your photos, videos, music and documents. You can even double them up and let them sit neatly together like volumes on your shelf. Formatting a my book external drives for pc wd community. A line of external hard drives by western digital, styled after hardbound books. You are responsible for the contents of your comments and any consequences that may arise as a result of them. Put your digital life on the sleek, high capacity my book essential external hard drive. Western digital 3tb my book desktop external hard driveusb 3. After publishing our howto guide on saving money with the toshiba 5tb 7200rpm external drives, we planned to do the same with the 8tb. Unfortunately, this wasnt an obvious process and this excellent article by scott cramer didnt apply to the newer version 1 tb drive enclosure i have. Disassemble take apart wd easystore red nas 8tb hard drive. Wd mybook essentials 1tb not detected on win10 microsoft. I know that the wd is functional, because it was running without any issues on my old pc.

While the mybook lives book shaped chassis is nice, the clips preventing it from opening are not. After one year i got the message the system show parameter is not recognized. Wd smartware automatic backup software and password protection with hardware encryption ensure your data is protected. Western digital my book live 3tb wdbacg0030hcheesn 3. Put your digital life on the high capacity my book desktop hard drive with ultrafast usb 3. Western digital my book is a sleek series of western digital wd external hard drives. One question is by doing this will i need to download the software again and my other question is, is there any danger that doing this will affect my computer hard drive in any way. Id also see if all the latest os and driver updates are installed on the system. Western digital has been selling these external storage devices with the highest storage capacity drives in their class for some time now the 3.

Easy to use my book desktop storage is ready to use out of the box so you can start transferring files, saving your memories and backing up right away. Equipped with password protection and perfectly paired with wd backupa. Windows 10 wd mybook not recognized anywhere on my dell. Mar 14, 2011 western digital s mybook drives are very convenient and popular storage options, but if the drive stops working then you might have success by giving it a quick love tap. Wd backup sw could not find device repeatedly, even w tech support. May 27, 2002 hey experts, i think i may have made a mistake. Your my book drive is formatted as a single ntfs partition for compatibility with. Had to format it to ntfs patition to detect in my os.

There seems to be confusion and differences of opinion in wd sites as to 1 which wd disks have hardware encryption and 2 whether that encryption can be disabled from ever running. There are four inner clips in the back, 2 on each side of the chassis. Using win 10 on new ssd, wd my book backup sw does not work. I use this hard drive as a backup to all my computer files which includes family photos, videos, etc. Wd my book duo 8tb 2bay external usb typec storage black. This is how to open up a wd my book 2016 fall edition without breaking the tabs. I was also unable to format the drive on my vista computer. I would suggest getting one of the fantom drives, since they are a lot more reliable than the western digital my books, which have had the drives go bad on them. Western digital my book opening the case removing the drive i recently needed to removed the drive from a western digital my book external usbesata drive enclosure. View and download western digital my book user manual online. Dear dennis, i dont know whats going on but all my files on my external western digital my book are marked as read only.

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